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Success 4 Parents (S4P) is a parent & school incentive program with a formula to provide:


1. Parents with a support system that will help meet their child(ren) educational needs and reach their fullest potential along with their demanding schedules.


2. Child(ren) or students with a program designed specifically for youth to use their voices and express their needs, learn how to achieve academically, and become change agents through the form of empowerment, leadership, and mentoring.


3. Schools and Teachers with a platform and liaisons to communicate and engage with parents efficiently and effectively, resulting in an increase in students’ behaviors, classroom/online participation, and overall academic performance.


4. Communities, businesses, and corporations with an opportunity to participate and provide after school/online programs, extracurricular activities, and incentives to support parents, students, schools, and teachers.

A Supportive Hug
Mother and Child


Parents are their child(ren)s first teacher and because there is a greater societal demand from parents needing to work full time, it requires children to sometimes learn outside of their homes and attend a school environment. During the most recent pandemic COVID-19, the world experienced firsthand, how difficult it would be for parents to work and educate children at home. Yet, there is an increase in the number of children who are homeschooled; however, there is still a larger mandate for students to attend school. When attending school, parents are now entering a partnership with schools and teachers for the purpose of their child(ren) education.


S4P wants parents to understand it is extremely critical that classrooms are conducive for learning. Oftentimes, teachers and students find it challenging to compete with other student’s behaviors and their lack of enthusiasm for learning. To best ensure each child can receive their ultimate educational experience, Success 4 Parents is here to partner with parents and teachers who are motivated to improve their child(ren) academic success. We are also here to applaud those parents, students, and teachers who are 100% actively engaged.


Research has proven that parental involvement has a positive effect on a child’s overall academic achievement; therefore, Success 4 Parents has a proven formula that will aid in bridging the gap between parents and schools. This formula will help to remove the barriers that keep many parents from being actively involved. S4P support system will be there to provide parents with incentives that allow them to exchange time and resources for the value of their child(ren) education.

Parent + Child + School + Community = Success 4 Parents



  • Parent-Teacher Organizations in Schools

  • Virtual Conferences/Meetings, Partner with Schools and PTO

  • Student-Parent-Teacher Contracts

  • Parent-Teacher Liasion

  • PEP (Parent Education Plan)


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